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Mongin Knives

Mongin Knives

Jacques Mongin is one of our artisans to win the prestigious MOF (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France - Best Craftsmen of France) award. This is the jewelry category of knife. Every little rivet is completely hand made. The handles are crafted from precious materials with respect to nature. The blades are made from stainless steel.

Coupe Fleurs - Flower Cutter
These exquisite tools are for flowers only!

Not for hard stems like lilac.

Price & item:
Snakewood Flower Cutter - $500
Horn Flower Cutter - $500

Bieslois- Folding Knife
Handle made from Indochina water buffalo horn
3.75” blade

Price & item:
Bieslois- $240

Canif – Pocket Knife
(consisting of 3 pieces) 3” blade, Cork screw, Can & bottle opener.

Price & items:
Indian Stag Horn Canif - $290
(see flower cutter for snakewood) Snakewood Canif - $280
(see flower cutter for horn) Horn Canif - $280

Rameau - Fine Folding Knife
The knives have a 4" Blade

Price & items:
Blond Horn Rameau $650
Water Buffalo Horn Rameau $650

Pique Nique - Picnic
Three piece picnic or travel set , not your Boy Scout camping set !
Thick leather case measures 4" by 3"
The three stainless steel utensils are:
- knife / corkscrew
- fork / can & bottle opener
- spoon / double prong pick

Price & items:
Snakewood Picnic - $540
Horn Picnic - $540